About Kaş

About Kaş

From an inscription written in two languages, we can see that the city under Kaş was Antiphellos. But the old name of Kaş is Habesos. In the ninth century B.C., Antiphellos was a very small settlement unit and it was the port of Phellos, which is a bit north of Kaş.

As the Hellenistic age began, Phellos lost its importance while Antiphellos developed and came to the fore.

This situation also continued in the Roman era and Antiphellos developed further by cedar tree trade and sponge fishing.At that time, the city was no longer a port of Phellos but rather a rich and self-sufficient city.

With its peculiar shore formations, ancient and modern wrecks, amphoras from ancient civilizations, reefs, canyons and large caves, KAS is internationally recognized as an amazing dive destination, and one of the best in the Mediterranean. .


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