• All dives are made from the boat. All dives are done in the leadership of a guide (instructor or divemaster) with maximum 5 divers (+ guide) in a group.

  • We meet half an hour prior take off in order to prepare the equipment.

  • HBefore the dive, grouping will be done and detailed briefing about the diving spot

Standard Diving Tour: We are running two diving tours per day as standard program. For first dive we take off at 10:00 AM and return back around 14:30. 

Daily Tour: From time to time, we are arranging Daily tours on demand. We are leaving the harbour at 9:30 AM going to one of the day long distance point, take our first dive there and then choose one of the turqoise blue bays for BBQ party. After lunch, we are taking a rest until the next dive. After the second dive into a different point, we are returning back around 17:00.

Night Dive: We are also arranging pre-planned night dives with divers having appropriate licences for educational purposes and as a part of a packed - program. We are leaving the harbour near the sun downs, anchoring at diving point; then getting necessary preparations and giving detailed brief before the diving.



Morning 10:00 14:30
All Day 09:30 17:00
Night 20:00  


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